New features

  • When running Papers for the first time, the user can enable Dropbox sync straight away.
  • New search engines are supported: Library of Congress, Pubget and OAIster.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixes a Citations issue where after changing the selected style, it would not use the new citation style.
  • Fixes an issue where the application would crash when attempting to download PDF files that were not available.
  • Fixes an issue where some license activations would fail.
  • Fixes an issue where the library would not be automatically synchronised with Dropbox.
  • Fixes an issue that caused duplicate search results to be shown.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause high CPU use when running Papers.
  • When Dropbox sync is enabled and the session has expired, Papers now shows a dialog that allows the user to login to Dropbox again.
  • Small improvement to the look of the buttons in the bottom bar.
  • Fixes an issue with HTTP proxy support.
  • Other small bug fixes.