New Features

  • Reader: Quickly find a paper in your library by clicking "Reveal" in the Overview inspector - you are brought back to the Libary tab and the paper will be automatically selected in the library list table.
  • Libary: You can now edit flag, rating or read/unread metadata for a paper directly from the library list table.
  • Highlighting: The choice of current highlight annotation color is now remembered when adding subsequent highlights.
  • Look & Feel: A number of new icons and images to finalise the refreshed look of Papers 3 for Mac for OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Performance & Stability

  • User-added keywords are no longer removed when using the "Match" functionality.
  • Supplemental files are now correctly imported and exported with Papers Archive files.
  • Author metadata is now added to the Info inspector when importing BibTeX, Endnote or RIS files.
  • Color labels, flag status and ratings are now persisted when moving papers to a Papers Online shared collection or the Reading List.
  • The subtitle field in the Info inspector now wraps text onto a new line when changing the wide of the sidebar panel.
  • When selecting the same paper in different collections simulatenously, the status message in the bottom bar is now updated correctly.