New Features

  • Automatic PDF download: Papers will attempt to fetch the PDF automatically when a search result is imported into the library.
  • Papers Bookmarklet: Adds support for the Papers Bookmarklet. Article webpages are opened in the Reader ready for import to the library, complete with metadata and any available PDFs.
  • Papers Online: Publications from the Reading List and any Shared Collections can now be imported into the library via drag-and-drop.
  • Smart Collections: Library keywords can now be used as conditions on Smart Collections (either on their own, or in combination with other filter conditions).

Performance & Stability

  • Users running non-English versions of Windows are now able to update their copy of Papers 3 for Windows - this update removes an error dialog stating "An error occurred while applying security settings..." during installation.
  • The "Imported" metadata field is now set correctly when importing papers to the library.
  • The unread status icon in the library List and Columns views, and the "Mark as Unread" & "Mark as Read" context menu options now appear under all conditions.
  • Improvements to duplicate paper detection when importing items to the library.

Known Issues

  • Papers 3 for Windows must be already be running for the new bookmarklet to correctly open the paper in the Reader ready for import.