THIS IS A BETA version that contains bug fixes and improvements

Bug Fixes

  • The setting to delete original files upon successful import now works. This was an issue introduced by the previous beta release.

Changes in the previous 3.1.4 beta release:

  • Multiple selection now works reliably.
  • Changes to authors, keywords and sources are now reliably propagated to all papers referencing them.

Changes in the previous 3.0.203 beta release:

  • Metadata inconsistencies are now handled automatically.

Changes in the previous 3.0.202 beta release:

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • When a large number of trashed papers is deleted, Papers remains responsive.
  • Full-text search now includes papers synced from other devices.
  • Smart Collections with filters applied to Read/Unread papers now work as intended.
  • The "Restore from Archive" option is no longer displayed for papers in the trash.
  • We now render PDFs correctly on High-DPI display settings.
  • Papers can now be copied to a Manual Collection from a Shared Collection.
  • Sources are now parsed correctly when imported from a RIS file.
  • Authors and keywords for synced papers are now correctly displayed in the Columns view.
  • Libraries that only have compressed checkpoints can now be opened on Papers for Windows.
  • The selection area for annotations made on Mac and iOS is now displayed correctly.
  • Matching a paper now displays the search panel even if the preview panel is hidden.
  • In the author list, et al. is now correctly used.
  • Keywords are no longer displayed after being deleted.
  • Exporting large libraries to a BibTeX file now works more reliably.
  • Exported BibTeX files now always keep the original order of authors.

New First Run Experience

  • New improved screens for creating a new Papers library and opening existing libraries.
  • You can now create, or sign in to your Papers Account when setting up your library.

New Features

  • Syncing your Papers Library between desktop versions of Papers using other syncing services is now supported:
  • You no longer need to provide your Dropbox credentials when syncing using Dropbox. Just place your Papers Library into your Dropbox folder and Papers will handle the rest.
  • Search engines are now set during first run based on research interests.
  • "No publication details are available" is displayed on the paper if metadata extraction after importing a PDF is not possible.
  • A new filter called "Duplicates" is now available to sort the papers in the library.
  • Several explanatory texts and tips to use the features are now presented in the Settings screen.
  • Navigation between notes now works not only on the Reader screen but also on the Preview.
  • Metadata autocompletion works now on Papers Online too.


Bug Fixes

  • Citations now can be used when the Dropbox Badge is enabled for Dropbox for Business accounts.