New Features



  • You can now share papers via more services, as we now use Mac OS' built-in sharing services for sharing.
  • You no longer need to add your Twitter or Facebook credentials to Papers to share. Just sign in via System Preferences ▸ Accounts.
  • New ways of sharing your papers: Link, Papers Link, PDF, PDF with Annotations, Reference List and Papers Archive.


  • Adds an option to disable text and line art smoothing in PDFs to General Preferences. This may improve image quality on non-retina displays.


  • A publication's citekey can now be set via scripting.
  • Adds new scripting properties:
    • class publication item:
      • customized citekey
      • universal citekey
    • class file item:
      • file name
      • formatted file name
      • full path on virtual disk


  • "Remember last read position" and "Use identical zoom factor for all PDFs" preferences are more reliable.
  • The contents of the Notes Export save panel are no longer truncated.
  • Papers imported via Google Patents are no longer missing their URLs.
  • It is no longer possible to create more than one "me" author.
  • Papers will no longer create a duplicate "me" author when opening a library which contains a paper authored by yourself.
  • Resolves an issue where Citations would insert the current clipboard content, rather than a citekey or reference.
  • Ink annotations now move in the way you'd expect them to when dragged around on El Capitan.
  • Papers will no longer show a message saying that that your Papers Library is damaged if it is located inside of a Google Drive containing a damaged sync_config.db file.
  • Papers will no longer warn you multiple times if your library is placed into a shared folder.
  • Papers will now warn you if you move your library into the trash.
  • It is no longer possible to select the "Shared Collections" header in the sidebar.
  • Adds crash reporting to Citations
  • Fixes appearance of PDF zoom slider on El Capitan
  • You can now perform local library search queries that only consist of a "NOT" operator.
  • Searching Crossref for a query that only consists of a "NOT" operator no longer causes Papers to quit unexpectedly.
  • Fixes a crash when creating certain uncommon queries.
  • Selecting your current library in maintenance mode no longer incorrectly shows a prompt warning you that you are switching to a library that is a copy of your current library.
  • eLife articles imported from CrossRef are now imported with the correct title.