If SmartCite will not launch in Word, or it is going slowly, the best way to start troubleshooting is by removing & re-installing the add-in.

To Remove and re-install the SmartCite add-in:

Open Word 2016 to any document

Click the top “Insert” tab, then the “My Add-ins” button

In the “Office Add-ins” window that pops up, right click SmartCite and “Remove”

Restart your computer

Open Word 2016 and re-install SmartCite following the original directions:

Click on the “Insert” tab in the top ribbon, then click on “My Add-ins”.

Click on “Store” in the add-in popup, and search for “SmartCite”.

Click the “Add” button to install in your Word app.

After it’s added, you can open SmartCite by clicking the “My Add-ins” button - the SmartCite add-in will be listed under the “My Add-ins” section. Click on it to start using it.

Log in to your ReadCube account.

Remember SmartCite 2.0 is new and we're still ironing out any issues. If you encounter any bugs, please send a note to [email protected].