This is the second release for the Preview desktop app. We wanted to start doing release notes to keep you informed of all the new changes that are coming and what features you can expect. As always if you have questions you can reach us at ReadCube Papers Support.

If you want a quick rundown of everything added you can jump to the bottom of this page for a bulleted list.

Desktop 4.0.1

File management:
We have added file management. To access on Mac click on Papers up at the top and choose "File Management"

File Management in ReadCube Papers macOS desktop version

For Windows click on the Papers logo and select "File Management"

File Management in ReadCube Papers Windows desktop version

This will open up the file management screen:File Management in ReadCube Papers desktop version

You can choose the default path where files will be downloaded in the top box.
Clicking on Automatic organization will open up the bottom part of the panel.
For detailed information check out our dedicated article here on file management.
*It can take a while to organize your whole library so please be patient!

Add Wildcard Support:
To improve search functionality we have added explicit wild card support. Just use *
Without wildcard
Tag searching in ReadCube PapersWith Wildcard
Tag searching in ReadCube Papers
Duplicate Matching:
You can now select two references and merge them by right-clicking on them and selecting Merge.

Merge feature in ReadCube PapersWe will be expanding on this functionality in a future release. Currently, this will take the metadata from the first selected article and merge them.

Advanced Searches:
We had a lot of people asking for an expanded search functionality that we already had as part of the app. To help everyone find queries they weren't aware existed we have created a support forum you can look at here or by going to the app and clicking on the spyglass
Advanced Search Tips in ReadCube PapersEnhanced PDF:
Double Page view:
To see a double-page view right-click on any pdf and click Double Page. This is a highly requested feature that we have been hard at work on. We hope you enjoy reading your PDF's two pages at a time.Double page article view in ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDFHorizontal Scroll:
We thought why stop at the double-page view and made a Horizontal scroll as well. Let us know what you think and enjoy!

Horizontal scroll in ReadCube Papers Enhanced PDFDownloading Annotations:
With the desktop app, we have added the functionality to download and print your PDFs with or without notes. You also now have the option in the web app. These options will only show if you have annotations on the PDF.

That's pretty much it for us this week. Our developers are already starting on the next update and we hope to get it to you in the middle of next month. As always let us know your thoughts by emailing ReadCube Papers Support.
List of all Features:

  • Desktop App
    • FIle management
    • Wildcard support
    • Duplicate matching
    • Ability to remove all supplements manually for a reference
    • Link to search options
    • Typing during edit metadata no longer loses data
    • Enhanced Bibtex and RIS for better export
    • When adding tags focus the text box so you don't have to click in the pop-up.
  • Enhanced PDF
    • Double Page
    • Horizontal Scroll
    • Add scrollbar to very long notes
  • General
    • Squashed bugs and performance improvements