This release helps clean up some bugs with file management. For instance, you will now get a warning if you try and select a read-only location.

Our developers have also improved the Enhanced PDF reader

Added the ability to use the mouse as a hand tool or Marquee tool.

Right click menu on the Enhanced PDF Viewer

The "Hand Tool" will allow you to scroll the page in any direction with the mouse.

The "Marquee Zoom" tool will allow you to zoom the page in and out by using the mouse. If you click and drag your mouse to a section of text, that section will be zoomed in for your reading pleasure!

A regular click will zoom in focused on the mouse position, and pressing Alt while clicking will zoom you out. 

We are also pushing updates to the extensions. You will now be able to click "Locate PDF" using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. 

Locate PDF within ReadCube Papers library

That's it for today. If you have any questions or issues, please reach out to our support team.