Smaller release today as we are getting some things ready for a backend change.

Search Changes:

We have added the ability to search for first_author and/or last_author. There are some caveats to this search. You can only search by last name and there isn't any fuzzy searching with this. You can combine this with any other search term as well.

Back to Page:

For any PDF that has in links within the PDF you can now jump back to the page you were at before. So if a PDF links to the last page you can hit the "Back to Page x" to bring you right back to your original reading spot.

Search notes:
You can now search your notes on the left hand pane. We hopes this helps you filter for keywords you are looking for or narrow in on a piece of text you know you have highlighted previously.

That wraps up this release. We are already working on the next one! Please email our support team if you have any questions or concerns.