Our release today is a few things that were done and tested so we released to make things easier on your organizing and reference management.

First up is Preview Annotations. Last release we introduced the preview pane. This release we expanded on that by allowing you to preview your annotations in the window. This is still a read only view but it should make it easier to see your annotations quickly without opening the full PDF.

We have added the Date Modified field. This field is updated anytime you add, update, or remove an annotation by yourself or on a shared library.

Citekey Search is also present in this release. You can search a citekey using citekey:some.Key. Search with citekeys that contain a ":" might give some funky results so we suggest you regenerate your citekeys so that they use a period by default.

Next up some optimizations to search. You are now able to drag and drop any reference you want into a lists directly. This works with recommendations as well.

Search also got some love of saved searches. The search bar will remember the same search you previously typed. We are still working to expand on this but for now if you have a completed query no need to retype it each time you open a PDF and want to come back to search after.

Last up is the the Enhanced PDF got a new view. We added double page view a few releases ago but for some researchers they noticed that the paper had a cover page or they were reading a book and wanted a more intuitive experience. Introducing "Double Page (Left Even)". This setting will set the first page as a singular page and then change to even pages to all be on the left hand side.

Double Page (Left Odd) works best for regular research articles but can be switched to at any time. We hope you enjoy this new feature.