Highlights of the release include:

  • SmartCite for Citekeys - New way to cite a paper using your favorite text editor
  • Browser Extension Updates - Web clipping support & Bulk Import
  • URL support - Additional UI for URL's and Webpage references
  • Bibtex Copy to Clipboard - Simplify Bibtex generation
  • Search Improvements - Add easy access boolean operators
  • Metadata improvements - Updated metadata order
  • ePDF Full-Text Search Results - Panel for full-text search on preview and ePDF
  • Download Proxy text - simplify messages for Locate PDF

SmartCite for Citekeys 

This update brings a new way to cite papers. While SmartCite has gotten some great improvements over the past couple of months we have developed a new way to cite your papers using citekeys. Check the following support article on how to generate your citekeys and then create your document so that you can format it with over 8000 styles. This workflow works with Pages, Word, LibreOffice, and more so take a look: SmartCite for Citekeys

Browser Extension Updates

Our browser extension got a huge update as well. You can now import on any website that doesn't get recognized as an article and it will be imported to your library as a web page reference. We also made some changes to the extension icon. It will now grab all of the search results and display them for you. It includes easy link outs to the DOI as well as an option to select all the results and import them into your library. If only one reference is on the page you can add notes to the reference straight from the browser extension.

URL Support

In addition to adding the ability to import websites, we will now show the URL in the right-hand pane. This will link out to the website that is in there. You can use this to quickly navigate to a website you saved. Whether it's a simple as a link to a reference you want to see we also have seen some use cases of tying the address to a website that updates with new information to give you quick access to updates.

BibTex Copy to Clipboard

You can now simply right click on a single or group of papers and copy the BibTeX to your clipboard. This was a much-requested feature that we are happy to get in your hands.

Search Improvements

We had some confusion on how to add multiple search terms. We have now included some of the operators as part of the spyglass. These search operators will always show up at the end of the query with the correct spacing so try it out when you feel like making better smart lists!

Metadata Improvements

We got several requests that the metadata fields were not in an order that was easy to edit the most important fields. We will take more suggestions for this order in the future. As of this update, you will see Journal article titles are now at the top followed by authors, Journal name, and then unique metadata fields like DOI, PMID, etc. We have moved most of the titles up for most of the reference types so this should make editing the most common fields much easier.

Enhanced PDF Search

While you always had full-text search while you had the PDF open, however, we felt there was an improvement to help find the relevant terms you were looking for. Introducing our enhanced search. While having the PDF open simply click ctrl + f(CMD + F on Mac) and you will get a new search pane. This search pane will show you a snippet of the word surrounded by the text it's around. Click on any of the references and the page will jump automatically to its location and be highlighted. What's that you say? You want it on the preview window as well? Done and done.

Proxy Text

We've updated our proxy text to be a little easier to understand. The old way showed you a proxy login even if you didn't have a proxy setup. We now will gray out the proxy option if no proxy is detected and changed the default to go to the article page.