Highlights of the release include:

Copy Multiple Citekeys 

Sick of having to copy citekeys one by one? Well now you can copy multiple citekeys by highlighting multiple references and right-click to bring up "copy as citekey". This is great for SmartCite for Citekeys! Not sure what that is? Take a look at this explainer video to get started!

Browser Extension Updates

Love update day but hate losing your place? Now the browser extension will remember where the last lists you selected so you can easily add a bunch of research to the same place without having to keep clicking on that same List

Tab Persistence

The desktop app will now prompt if you want to save your tabs while closing. You can always set to always remember in the settings or never remember if want to always start fresh

SmartCite Improvements

You can now choose certain page numbers, suppress authors, and more! We even added the ability for you to fully customize the citation to say anything you want. We hope you enjoy this new functionality and want to know what you think. Just click on a reference to bring up this menu or click on the edit icon in the top right to edit the whole citation.

Set Default Style

Now you can set your favorite style as your go-to for those times you just need to quickly copy a reference. You can even select multiple items in your library and quickly copy all in your chosen style if you need to whip up a quick bibliography.

Enhanced Preview Pane (Desktop)

The preview pane can now work offline if you have downloaded the PDF so it should be faster and work if you are in your secret research lab without wifi. We've also added Google search if you can't quite remember what that word means!

Store Organizations as Authors

Now you can save Organizations as authors by going to your "Edit Metadata" panel and simply adding a "~" to the end to override Papers from treating it as "First Name" "Last Name". For instance: World Health Organization would be World Health Organization~