We released a new web app today to get some things out the door. The desktop will be following once we get some issues down.

Dark Mode - We added the ability for you to switch to dark mode. By default, it will follow your system settings but you can always click on the papers icon to force it one way or the other: 

 Allow recommended files to be added to the shared library - We made it so you can see what libraries you have a recommended or searched paper in as well as giving you the option to change the position.

Tag hovering - In the info panel, you can now see the whole tag if you hover over it.

Public lists - We also added public lists. Right-clicking on any library/list will allow you to share it with the world. People will be able to see the metadata you had as well as see all the references you had in that list. They can try and import the PDF's themselves(If it's open access) but won't have access to any of your notes or annotations. Let us know what you think!