Highlights of the release include:

  • Papers 3 Import improvements - Continous improvements to Papers import
  • Copy PDF - Copy a group of PDFs to a folder or another program.
  • SmartCite Improvements - Ability to switch citations to links to bibliography
  • Tab Switching with hotkeys - Close all tabs easily or switch between open tabs
  • Usage Improvements - Full Library export to RIS, Cloud status, Postpone updates, Supplemental downloads
  • EPDF List Mangement -  Manage lists straght from the EPDF
  • Public Lists & Permission changes - Wording changes for consistency
  • Browser Extension Updates - Updates and bug fixes


Papers 3 Import improvements

To continue to support our customers coming from Papers 3 we've improved the Papers 3 import again to be more robust. We also will include more SmartLists(Colors, Ratings, Last Opened, etc.) so make the switch today!

Papers 3 Import Menu


Copy PDF

For those that constantly like to export a selection of PDFs, we've created a feature to copy PDFs to the clipboard. Simply have the PDFs downloaded to your computer and a new copy files option will open up. You can copy these PDFs to a folder, slack, email or any other application that accepts files. If the files aren't downloaded then Copy PDF will ignore them during the copy operation. Also, some programs may not accept the PDFs you copy depending on size so make sure the PDFs you copy will fit!

Copy File Right Click Menu

SmartCite Improvements

Have you ever thought it would be neat to be done with a paper and turn all of your citations to be hyperlinked to where they are in the bibliography? Well, we thought it would be extra neat if SmartCite did that for you! Starting next week you will be able to click "Convert to Links" in the options menu to format your paper in a new way. Just a note that this is a one-way operation so we recommend saving your paper first doing the conversion and then saving as a different file name so you can always get back into SmartCite if you need to add more citations.

SmartCite Citations

SmartCite Links

Tab Switching with hotkeys

For those that are tab-aholics. Hi, My name is Jacob. I've been a tab-aholic since browsers had tabs. We now give you the option to hit ctrl-tab to go through your tabs and ctrl-shift-tab to go back through your tabs. As an added bonus you can also close all your open tabs with ctrl-shift-w. Swiftly move through your research no matter how much is open.

Tab Management Menu

Usage Improvements

Making the app easy to use is a core philosophy here at ReadCube. To that point, we have made a few usage improvements to the app. Queue the confetti canon for:

  • Full library RIS export
  • Cloud icons next to references that haven't been downloaded
  • Postpone updates for 1 day
  • Supplement Downloads

Supplement Downloads

We've made some changes to our downloading logic to make it more robust so you don't fry your connection on downloading PDFs. One of the changes we also made is that if you click on Download PDF on the right-hand pane we will download all the supplements for you automagically. This is also the case if you download the whole library where we will download all supplements for you now. Don't want supplements? The right-click download menu will still just download the articles only.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

Full library RIS Export

RIS export was feeling left out so we added it to the library menu. Click the gear next to any library and instantly export your library to RIS format.

Library Export RIS

Cloud icons

Ever wanted to be on cloud 9? Well, now you can be(pending you put at least 9 PDFs in your library). If a reference has a PDF but isn't locally downloaded on the desktop we will show a cloud icon next to the reference instead of a paperclip. This acts as a quick reminder that you might need to download some articles for offline use if all you see are clouds.

Icons for Cloud Papers

Pause Updates

Have you ever been right in the middle of a 14-hour research sesh and just when the end is near ReadCube decides to update you with features that make you swoon? Well, now you can delay updates for a day so you can continue jamming out. Is this heaven? Or is it just a white woman's Instagram?

Postpone Update Screen

EPDF List Management

It is now easier than ever to manage where files are in lists if you have the EPDF open. Hovering over "In Library" at the top right of the enhanced reader will now let you quickly add your paper to other lists. Quickly add or remove from lists with links straight to your libraries and see at a glance where everything is sorted. The web app got a preview of this a few weeks ago but now we are bringing this to desktop as well!

Organize Lists

Public Lists & Permission changes

Last release we introduced "Public Lists". We had some people sharing these on Twitter and we are ecstatic that you have put this to use already! Another cornerstone of our products has always been putting powerful tools into researchers' hands. We got some confusion from our customers on sharing public lists vs sharing with people so as a small update we have made changes how these are shown. Instead of "Edit" we have renamed this to "Share with People and Groups". This is for adding people to see the full text and annotations you have created. Please remember to share responsibly.

For the Public Lists feature, we have renamed this from "Share" to "Share as a Public List". All the functionality of these features remains the same but we wanted to make it more clear to not only new customers but also to those that may not read Release Notes. But we all read these right?.. Right???

New Share Menu

image (33)

Browser Extension Updates

We have updated the browser extension to support more Journals and to fix some layout changes on some Journals. We are continually updating the extension so remember if you spot a publisher we aren't supporting yet to send us a shout at [email protected]

That's all people of Earth!

Thanks again for reading our release notes. As always if you have any questions or concerns you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help out!