Feature Highlights in this Release:

Updated Import Status UI - now appears in the bottom left corner of the app for convenient access
Import CSV files directly to Lists
Easily export multiple PDF files - with or without annotations
Patent matching improvements - better identification of patent ID to facilitate matching
Open PDF files with "Open With" context menu - supported on Mac OS
Send to Papers from Print menu - Mac OS only feature:

Bug Fixes and General Improvements:

  • Added support for importing local file paths when referenced in BIB files
  • Added support for dragging and dropping multiple recommendations into a library, just like with search results
  • When using custom file name configurations, collisions can occur when multiple articles result in the same file name. When this occurs, a number will be appended at the end to differentiate files
  • Issue where app could stall while importing Endnote libraries
  • Fix to issue where importing the same Endnote library multiple times could result in duplicates items
  • Fix to missing title on certain items imported from Endnote
  • Fix to pagination field not importing properly in RIS files
  • Added support for L1 field in RIS files
  • Support importing for multiple comma-separated tags in BIB files
  • BIB improvements to further prevent duplicates during import
  • Fix to not recognizing certain BIB files as valid during import
  • Fix to UI issue preventing renaming long tags
  • Journal abbreviation is now imported from legacy Papers 3 libraries
  • Fix to rare issue where the wrong article might be imported from Papers search results when a DOI is not available
  • Improvements to matching tool to prevent false-positives auto-match suggestions
  • Fix to title bar becoming unresponsive on Windows 11
  • Fix to scrolling issue when app has been left idle for a long time
  • Fix to bug where notes could not be deleted after exporting a CSV and importing the changes
  • Support for dragging/dropping Endnote XML into library
  • Dragging and dropping a PDF onto the Papers application in the dock will import the PDF to your library (Mac only)
  • Fix to "Date added" date when importing legacy libraries from Papers 3

Updated Import Status Interface

We moved the import status panel to the bottom left to let you keep an eye on your imports while you work in the apps. Previously, you needed to hide the panel or else it would overlap on your library. You also can easily see if there are any errors and how many successfully imported at a glance. 

Import CSV to a List

Using the import panel in the desktop app, you can now import CSV files directly into a specific list within a library.

Easily export multiple PDF files

Simply highlight multiple articles in your library, right click and go to Export as... to see the new export options.  If you have annotated any of the PDFs you have the option to export the PDF file with or without annotations.


Open PDF files with "Open With" context menu

For Mac users, you can now easily open PDF files with Papers directly from the Finder.  Simply right-click a PDF file, go to Open With and select Papers from the list of applications.

Open With

Easily Send to Papers in the Print Dialog

On Mac OS, you have a new way to send documents to Papers. From any application, go to Print and then choose the menu at the bottom to select "Send to Papers." Your document will automatically be imported into your Papers library.

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 4.34.04 PM