Feature Highlights in this Release

  • Native support for Apple Silicon architecture (M1-based computers).  If you are using an M1 Mac, please download the latest Mac installer from the Papers website: https://www.papersapp.com/download/
  • The app will now display authors in the Lastname, Firstname format.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Fix to bug exporting notes from PDF Viewer
  • Fixes to RIS and BIB imports, including app freezing during certain imports and format errors including missing abstract fields.
  • Fix to Windows 11 JS error "missing component" on startup.
  • Fix to Windows error message "could not delete local data"
  • Fix to issue marking multiple items as unread.
  • Fix to app staying open when existing from the initial login window.
  • Fix to Copy BibTex to clipboard feature not working in some cases.
  • Fix to issue where items with long list of tags aren't copied to clipboard properly.
  • Fix to inviting new users to a shared library from within certain Enterprise organizations.
  • Fix to launch issue that can occur when Papers doesn't have access to required disk folders on startup in the latest Mac OS.
  • Fix to item merge not working in some cases.
  • importer including better support for Zotero relative file paths, issues with newline characters,
  • Various internal performance improvements and optimizations