1. Download the Edge Administrative Templates
    a. Select the "Channel/Version"
    b. Select the "Build"
    c. Select the "Platform"
    d. Click "Get Policy Files"
    e. Click "Accept and download"
  2. Unzip the contents on the domain controller
  3. Open the unzipped file > "Windows" > "admx"
  4. Copy the "msedge.admx" file and the appropriate language folder (En-US) into the folder where you keep your policy settings (Usually c:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions)
  5. Open Group Policy Management
  6. Select the policy you want to use to push the extension or create a new one 
  7. Go to: Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > Microsoft Edge > Extensions
  8. Double click "Control which extensions are install silently"
  9. Select the "Enabled" radio button
  10. Under options click the "Show" button
  11. In the Show Contents window place the following in the field below "value":
  12. Click "OK" to exit the Show Contents window
  13. Click "OK"