Version 4.32.2033

Changes in this release:

  • Adds ability to remove all tags from an article
  • Enterprise users: improves ability to perform subscription and document delivery content requests directly within the desktop app 
  • Improvements to manage lists UI
  • After creating a sublist, it will automatically be selected
  • Fix to viewing PDFs in offline mode
  • Fix to copying formatted references and summaries
  • Fix to view not loading while scrolling recommendations
  • Fix to button state issue with cloud download 
  • Fix to downloading all figures feature
  • Fix to Endnote import issue where library import might fail
  • Fix to author ordering and date importing issues from Zotero
  • Fix to copy/paste behavior in match utility
  • Fix to importing dates (years) from RIS files
  • Fix to entering year in date field resulting in the previous year displaying in app (this was caused by time zones)

For users with M1-based Macs (Apple Silicon), a native version is available.  If you haven't already updated, please download the latest Mac installer from the Papers website: