Version 4.35.2224

Enhanced CSV import functionality 

The enhanced CSV import functionality enables users to map fields to standard or custom library fields, making data entry more efficient and streamlined. Users can also now save their CSV import mapping as a reusable template, simplifying the process for future imports or sharing with colleagues.


Library column displayed in search results 

When searching for references, users can now choose to display the column Library, which shows in which library — or libraries — a reference has already been saved in their Papers app. Additionally, users can click on the library link to go directly to the reference inside that library. 

Here’s a full list of user interface improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall usability:

  • Adds improved CSV Import experience
  • Adds ability to save and reuse CSV import templates
  • Open import wizard when dragging/dropping CSV into app
  • Adds ability to enable or disable overwrite of metadata when importing from CSV
  • Adds Library column in the Enterprise Search
  • Adds ability to open hyperlinks in external browser by holding option/alt on the keyboard
  • Adds ability to import PubMed .nbib files 

Bug fixes

  • Fix for importing RIS from Embase not importing all references
  • Fix for custom fields overflowing in the user interface
  • Fix for sorting by Custom Fields blanking out the Table View
  • Fix to remove the Locate PDF icon "failed" when an article is ordered and downloaded
  • Fix to Locate PDF feature for multiple articles 
  • Fix for articles being downloaded to disk instead of opening in the app
  • Fix for .nbib import functionality to map the Journal field
  • Fix for importing .nbib files with drag and drop not working properly
  • Fix for EndNote XML import functionality in libraries with custom fields
  • Fix for update fails with error message in console
  • Fix for Notes tab not showing content
  • Fix for default language in citation styles
  • Increased list from 10 to 20 items in Settings > Citations > Default Style
  • Fix for File > Import… workflow when option selected is different than File
  • Fix for Match functionality not appearing
  • Fix for CSV file stuck at import
  • Fix for missing header row in the CSV export
  • Fix issue with rendering custom fields of Text\(Array\) type in side panel and table
  • Fix for Doc Del navigation when opening PDF changes

For users with M1-based Macs (Apple Silicon), a native version is available.  If you haven't already updated, please download the latest Mac installer from the Papers website: