Version 4.36.2283

Document Naming Convention Improvements

Users can now use the PMID (PubMed ID) and the Journal Abbreviation in the Document Naming Convention for the Library Management functionality.

Here’s a full list of user interface improvements and bug fixes to enhance overall usability:

  • Updated functionality for copying references between libraries
  • Added "Merge Duplicates" option when copying to another library
  • Added "PMID" and "Journal Abbreviation" to the Document Naming Convention feature in Settings > Library Management
  • Included URL fields to CSV and RIS exports
  • Added clarifying message to Smart List delete screen
  • Added a link to a support article on the "Tools > SmartCite for Citekeys" screen

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Endnote importing to map "Group Sets" as parent lists during import
  • Fixed error in which Locate PDF for multiple selection of imported items would load just one PDF and apply it to all references
  • Fixed some issues with patents importing and resolving metadata
  • Fixed various issues with CSV import functionality
  • Fixed issues with search returning false positives in the PDF Reader
    Various bug fixes and performance optimizations

For users with M1-based Macs (Apple Silicon), a native version is available.  If you haven't already updated, please download the latest Mac installer from the Papers website: