SmartCite for Citekeys (Manuscripts App)

With the newest version of the ReadCube Papers desktop app, we’ve added SmartCite for Citekeys which makes it possible to format your references across a wide range of writing platforms (including being an alternative to our dedicated Add-ons for Word and Google Docs.)

Below are the instructions on inserting citekey in the various word processors. If you have not set up citekey management yet on the desktop app please review our Citekey Management article on how to do so.

Beyond Manuscripts, a variety of other supported writing tools are supported:

If you use a tool that we don’t have listed, please let us know at ReadCube Papers Support.

Inserting References into a Manuscripts document

Copy the citekey on the article information page. You will want to make sure you are copying citekeys from the same library (ie. your personal library or one shared library). If you have any items that are saved across different libraries, you will want to make a copy of the references so they are all in one place.

Then in your document paste the citekey in between curly brackets so it looks like {Wu:2016}

If you are adding more than one reference in the same line, you will need to separate citekeys by commas {Wu:2016, Hepatology2020}

*Note - do not include spaces after the period when inserting a reference or there will be a space in between the in-text citations when the document is formatted.

Inserting Bibliography

When you're ready to insert your bibliography simply type {bibliography} onto your Word document. SmartCite for Citekeys will do all the heavy lifting when you convert it later.

Exporting Your Word Document from Manuscripts App

Now, you're going to export your document from Manuscripts to a .docx file. From within Manuscripts - go to Project > Export Manuscripts as > Microsoft Word. Save the document in a place that is easily accessible, such as your Desktop.

Upload Your Document to Papers Desktop

Once your document is saved as a .docx file, head back to Papers > Tools > Format Document

You will need to select the library the references you used came from, whether your Personal or Shared Library. Choose from over 9,000 different reference styles from the style list. Then browse for your document and Save As.

Your new formatted document will save in the same location as your converted Pages document.

When you open it up you will find a completely formatted document. 

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